Why Tile Flooring Surpassed Linoleum in American Homes

40When tile floor installation is completed, the finish and style alone are worth it. But tile is nearly indestructible, and surprisingly cost effective. Tile flooring is an investment.

Homeowners have realized that linoleum is simply a cover up, that doesn’t hold its attractiveness for very long. It’s no wonder contractors are installing tile anywhere in homes. It’s classic in kitchens and baths; and now hearths, hallways, dining rooms, utility rooms and finished basements. Don’t forget patios. One reason for this versatility is that tiles come in so many different sizes and colors.

Tile floor installation is a clear-cut process. Once your contractor has determined your sub-floor can handle the weight and rigidity of tile, he designs a “map” so that the tile is straight. Next, adhesive is spread, and the tiles are “squished” into it. A level is used on each tile to make certain it is flush, and a rubber mallet can tamp down any spot that’s higher than the rest. Spacers are placed between tiles, until the adhesive dries them into place. Border tiles are cut to size and laid. The spaces are grouted, and when it is dry the tiles are cleaned, and sealed.

There are at least five good reasons tile surpassed linoleum as the flooring of choice:

1. As you have just read, it is straightforward to install. You’ll be delighted with the efficiency of tile floor installation. It’s not unusual to lay a kitchen in less than one day, a bath in half that time. An expert tile contractor has fit and detail foremost in mind, and will never rush, but experience contributes efficiency to your project.

2. It is remarkably durable. Have you ever considered that the Romans used tile that’s still around today? It holds up exceptionally well even in the highest-traffic areas. From porticos to palaces, the durability of tile has been tested and proven through centuries. So it is a long-lasting investment. A major home improvement website actually declares ceramic tile will last “a lifetime”; in other words, as long as the house is in use! Dime for dime, tile is clearly one of the most cost effective flooring surfaces you can choose.

3. The need for repair is rare, but it’s easy to have damaged tile replaced. Ceramic is strong, but it has been known to break when significant weight is accidentally dropped on it. Replacement is as simple as removing broken pieces, laying replacement tile, adding new grout to the area, and perhaps new sealant. Keep a few tiles around so that they match if needed. The occasional wipe or mop begins and ends the care-free maintenance of ceramic tile. The sealant that was applied during tile floor installation made it impervious to water and stain. Ceramic tile comes as close to requiring no upkeep as any flooring available. Of course, tile needs regular cleaning. Because it is impenetrable to water, tile patios and utility spaces can literally be hosed down. You only need standard off-the-shelf cleaning products.

4. Tile floor installation adds resale value to your home, because buyers know they are acquiring a house with an incredibly long-lasting floor. Potential buyers take notice of a well installed and designed tile floor. It makes a statement about how you have cared for your home. With its attractive style and impressive presentation, a good tile floor can add thousands of dollars in potential value.

5. It is adaptable to any decor. Tile can create the foundation for your decorating theme, or become the final accent in your room motif. Tile is now available in finishes and shapes that lend themselves to any décor. Ceramic tile can appear Southwestern, starkly contemporary or smoothly traditional. Colors range from lively to subdued; textures vary from classically smooth to antiqued markings. Imagine a color and texture and you will almost certainly find it on the market today. Tile goes with other flooring. Tile next to wood can be a distinctive look, as brilliant hardwood in one room is married to elegant ceramic in the next. This combination effect will also divide large open spaces into smaller living areas.

How to Choose Floor Tiles For Your Home

39Your home is your very own personal space where you can give a free run to your creative ideas. And choosing good floor tiles can indeed seem an easy and challenging task, especially if you do have a creative bent of mind!

The size and design required for your flooring should be calculated before choosing a quality floor tile set for your home.

The size of the flooring is very important, for example larger tiles can be easily laid and needs little maintenance. But, you should make sure that your flooring is flat and even before choosing large sized ones, as even slight deviations can look ghastly and very much noticeable.

Tiles design should also be chosen with care and should suit your home environment. Ceramic, granite, marbonite, mosaic, sandstone, vitrified or porcelain tile are very popular and can produce a wondrous effect on your home flooring. Similarly, there are numerous floor tiles design in ceramic range such as ornate, artistic, check board, square, rectangle, triangle, fusion geometric, circles, etc.

If you’re planning on laying granite flooring, you can avail or choose from a plethora of designs and colors. Granite, being a natural high quality stone is very durable and looks extremely appealing with a polished finish.

Many people also prefer to use vitrified tiles to beautify their floors. These are created artificially by vitrifictaion procedure and processed (for making it water resistant and stain proof). These tiles have superior features as compared to granite or marble. Choosing floor tiles design in vitrified varieties can be real fun as there are endless possibilities such as designing your very own personalized print image through digital printing for them.

A visitor or guest entering your house is likely to notice your floor immediately as he steps inside. So if the flooring is exquisite and impressive, it will leave a great impact on the visitors. Tiles are natural home ornaments that actually give it a real feel and beauty. Nowadays, many homeowners are opting for designer tiles on their home flooring to produce a personalized look to the whole house.

Actually, when it comes to choosing floor tiles design, there is innumerable choices and varieties in the market. You can take the valuable help of an interior designer or flooring expert while laying the flooring of your home. There are wide range of choices in styles, types, textures and designs in floor tiles. It is best to study about the different types of floor tiles and their usefulness. Some types can look extremely beautiful without being durable, while others may look dull but guarantee long lasting durability.

You should be clever enough to choose a flooring that is tough and beautiful in appearance also. Good planning is main key to buying the correct type of floor tiles for your house. You can start by leafing through online sources for different ideas and design structures. You can also compare prices and opt for a competitive and affordable priced floor tile set.

The Best Way Of Cutting Quartz Floor Tiles

38When installing a Quartz floor, you should cut the tiles to fit against the walls and objects around them. Since they have a tough surface it cannot be cut with normal hand tool. You can either use a diamond crusted blade i.e. a wet saw.

Here are the steps to cut Quartz Floor tiles – Place the tile on the floor and measure the exact area you need to cut. To get a straight cut, use a square or a rectangle. Place the cardboard on the surface of the tiles and the trace out its edges. Or you can also measure out the surface cuts by using a tape measure and color chalk piece. You can either buy or rent the wet-saw. They are available in all normal home improvement stores and tile shops. Fix the saw according to the instructions given in the manual. Attach the hardware tightly with bolts and nuts. Now fix the wet saw tightly to the stand and make sure it does not come-off and cause harm.

Diamond blade is the right tool to cut Quartz because they are stronger than Quartz and they are one among the natural stone. Before turning-on the wet saw, check whether the water reservoir is fully filled with warm water. Cover your face and mouth with protective gear, so that the dust particle thrown off from tiles will not cause any respiration problem. Wear goggles to protect your eyes. Before cutting allow the saw’s tip run at high-speed and dip the saw’s blade into cooling oil lubricant because Quartz has an extremely dense surface and during cutting, the blade might break.

And also by applying the solution on the wet saw’s surface make the tool very cool and also it does not get heated while cutting. Now place the tile on the wet saw’s table. Gently, move the tile’s pencil mark towards the blade and press the tile with your finger so that you cut the Quartz Floor tiles with proper direction. Check the cut piece to fit your space. If it does not fit with the right measurements, cut the tiles again or try doing with fresh piece. If you are confident that you have cut with exact measurement, then continue. Once you have fully completed the task, turn the saw’s speed to lower mode and make the diamond blade to run through water to decrease the hotness and once it is cool turn off the saw.

Here are some safety tips during Cutting process.

Wear all necessary protections to safe guard yourself. During cutting keep your children and pets away. Use diamond-tip blade for cutting Quartz Floor tiles.

Thinking of New Home Decor? Use Quartz Tiles

37Thinking of renovating your home with something trendy and at the same time long-lasting? Among the many materials used for home decors, quartz tiles are leading in terms of stylishness and toughness. This crystalline mineral is formed by nature in the core of the earth’s surface when quartzite stone is extremely pressured and heated. Using Mohs scale of hardness, the measure of quartz floor tiles is 7 and higher compared to granite stone. Of course, as we know, the hardness of a diamond rank first with a score of 10. Quartz is widely used by designers and building suppliers because of its very dense surface. Polishing or sealant is no longer needed when quartz tiles are used as flooring or countertops.

Quartz is the best material to use for stone kitchen countertops. Thanks to its non-porous, stain and heat resistant quality, and high durability, it doesn’t absorb moisture and water, thus, preventing any fungus formation as well as germ and bacterial growth. Given that quartz tiles are highly durable unlike marble and mosaic, you don’t have to worry too much about its maintenance as these can be easily cleaned. Needless to say, you still have to take good care of your quartz tiles. Clean up stains and spills at once before they dry out. Remember to only use gentle detergent when you clean the tiles.

Set your creative self free when deciding to design your kitchen and quartz bathroom vanities. It’s a matter of having a keen eye and good taste when matching different patterns and colors. You’ll be impressed by your innovative design ideas. You can select from an array of colors: charcoal, deep-blue, majestic black, royal white, gray, red and pink. Check out local depot and online stores so you will know what is available and get yourself a good deal for your money. Before you make any purchase, make sure that you have measured the areas where you plan to lay the tiles. This way, you will have an estimate of how many tiles you will need. Talk to a professional to help you with this. When buying for quartz tiles, be certain that you choose first-class quality, color grouting that is the same with the color of the tile you are buying, and adhesive for a shine that is dazzling!

Get an expert or professional for the installation of the quartz tiles especially when you have uneven surface, to ensure they are carefully laid. Once the tiles are finally assembled properly unto the kitchen or bathroom tops, you’ll be awed by how beautiful your home has become. Your new home décor will definitely be admired by your family and visitors. Give yourself a pat for a job well done!

How to Buy Good Quality Travertine Tiles

36You will need to check a few things to make sure of the quality of travertine tiles. The first thing and most important thing that you need to take into consideration, is to check the back and front of the tiles. If the tiles have large back to front holes, this is a sign that they are not good quality travertine. The fillings on travertine tiles should not be large, because they start coming out after a while. Small fillings will not cause any problem at all.

The second thing to take into account is the depth of fillings on the travertine tiles. Large, back to front fillings are not signs of a good quality travertine. Another thing that you need to consider as well is how porous the tiles are. You can do an experiment to find out more about the tiles. For example, you could pour some coffee on the surface of the tiles, leave it for a few minutes to dry and then try to clean the tiles with a piece of cloth. If you are able to clean it, it means that the tile is not that porous. If the tiles absorb the dirt into them and you are not able to clean them once they have dried, then you know that is not good quality travertine.

It is a good idea to check if the factory calibrated the tiles correctly. It will save you time and money if the tiles are perfectly square and all the same thickness. No need to worry if they are not, as this can be fixed and calibrated on site, or your tiller could level it with the amount of tile adhesive that he uses to lay the tiles.

You must check the edges of the tiles as well, to make sure of the quality. If the edges have a lot of holes in them, similar to a sponge, it is not a good sign. It is fine if there are a few tiny holes, but too many is not acceptable, as it shows that the tiles are soft and porous. The tiles should not be chipped on the edges either – this shows that the packing was not done properly, which means you might be finding a lot of broken tiles when you open the crate.

Price is not the only thing that you need to consider when buying travertine tiles. If you think long-term, the bad quality tiles that cost less will end up costing you more to maintain compared to the better quality tiles. You need to make sure that you access what your needs are, the look and feel of the tiles, and the durability and lifespan before you buy. travertine tiles bring beauty and peace to your home so it is worth spending a little bit of extra money to buy them.